Lots of UK residents are due a tax refund

Use our FREE TAX CHECK to find out how much you could be owed

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Use our FREE TAX CHECK online service to see if you’re due a refund


Your Personal Account Manager will call you to estimate how much you’re owed


We will process your claim to completion and pay your refund directly into your bank account

Our customers LOVE our service

We’re currently handling claims for over 35,000 customers and they love what we do. In fact, so many of our customers are so happy with the service we provide, they refer their friends and family to us. Then we can claim what theyre entitled to as well.

Just take a look at our stats, they speak for themselves…

Over 35,000 claims

We’re helping thousands of customers claim whats rightfully theirs.

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10+ team members

Our team are highly trained in UK tax so will help you claim your refund.

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Over £20million claimed

We’ve already claimed over £20 million for our happy customers.

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93% success rate

Our success rate is very high because we make sure all claims are correctly processed.

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We don’t cold call customers

Tax can be a minefield, so we want to make sure we take the stress out of claiming a tax refund.

We’ve built an honest and trustworthy business. Because of this, we do not cold call to offer our services.

All our customers apply via our online platforms. That way, you can be sure you’re in control of the data you give to us and are happy you’re dealing with a professional company who value our customers privacy.

We follow all UK data privacy laws and how we handle your data is detailed in our Privacy Policy.

We will only contact you once you’ve signed up to use our FREE TAX CHECK service.

Find out how much you could be owed

Find out how much you could be owed

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We provide a personal & friendly service

When you’ve signed up to use our FREE TAX CHECK service, you will be contacted by your Personal Account Manager. They are responsible for calculating an estimate of how much you could be owed as a refund by HMRC.

They will discuss the type of jobs you’ve done, assess which tax allowances you could be entitled to and calculate yor estimate for you.

At that stage, our service is completely FREE.

Then, its your choice if you want to process the claims yourself or we can handle them for you.

If you choose to use our service, just like thousands of other customers do, we will explain our No Win No Fee service and what we will do for you. We will also advise you of the fees we charge. Your Personal Account Manager will email a confirmation of this to you and they will be your signle point of contact from then on.

They are responsible for making sure your claims are processed as quickly as possible. They will chase HMRC, keep you updated and, once payment has been received, they will arrange to pay your refund directly into your bank account.

They’ll even contact you in the future to let you know if there are extra allowances you can claim.

Basically, they’ll become your personal tax advisor!

Our customers love our personal approach. Its what makes our service very different to other tax claims companies.