Frequently Asked Questions

Lots of our customers have questions about our service and what theyre eligible to claim for.

We’ve answered some of the main ones below. If you have any further questions that aren’t listed, don’t hesitate to call our helpful team on 0161 505 0000.

It couldn’t be easier! Complete our FREE TAX CHECK and our team will contact you. They’ll verify your information and give you an estimate of how much you’re due as a refund.

HMRC rules state we can only claim back fore the last 4 tax years. But you might be surprised how much you’re owed!

We usually receive a response from HMRC in 12 weeks but this is only a guideline. Some cases take longer, but we’ll do all the chasing to make sure your cases are completed as quickly as possible.

Our FREE TAX SERVICE is completely free.

Once you’ve agreed we can process your claims for you, we charge a fee of 40% + VAT for all successful claims (subject to a minimum fee of £35 + VAT).

Our inbound call centre is open between Monday and Thursday 9am til 7pm.

Lots of tax allowances go unclaimed each year. If you don’t know what you’re entitled to, how could you claim? If HMRC know they owe you the money, they’ll pay you. But in most cases, they don’t know!

The simple answer is yes! Tax has to be calculated correctly but if there are allowances you didn’t know you were entitled to, then how would HMRC know to pay then to you?

We may need your P60 so we can confirm your employers details. In some cases we may also need proof you’ve paid professional fees. But don’t worry, its rare we need that. Most claims types don’t need any proof so talk to us and see how we can help.

Not usually. Lots of the tax allowances, once applied, will automatically be re-applied each year until you cancel them or change the details with HMRC.

In some cases, some allowances need to be added each year, but don’t worry, your Personal Account Manager will contact you to check you’re still eligible. If you are, they’ll process an extra claim for you!

Yes. You can claim for all jobs you’ve had in the last 4 tax years.

No. The tax refund will be recovered from HMRC. Remember, we’re claiming allowances that you didn’t know you could claim.

We will pay your refund directly into your bank account so the money will be yours to spend much faster than waiting for a cheque.