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PAYE Tax Check

Have you changed your Employer at least twice in the last 4 years?

If so, you could be due a tax refund.

When you change employer, your old company should provide you with a P45 which you give to your new employer. They’ll update HMRC with the details of your pervious earnings which should keep your tax records up to date.

We’ve found so many examples of employers not providing a P45 so you have to complete a P46 with your new employer. They’ll then submit the details to HMRC, but it could mean your tax code is wrong so you’re overpaying tax from day one of your new employment. This isn’t the only example though.

You could be on a zero hours contract or work for multiple agencies. Or you could have a full time job and also a part time job. In fact there are lots of reasons that you’re tax code might not be correct.

We’ve seen loads of examples where employees are overpaying tax every month. In fact we’ve seen a few examples where employees have been overpaying tax for years and not even knowing it.

It’s your responsibility to make sure your tax code is correct. It’s not your employers responsibility and its not HMRC’s. They can only make a change if they’re asked to and that’s where we come in.

We’ll ascertain if you could be due a refund and, if so, we’ll work with HMRC to get your tax account up to date and to make sure that any refund due is paid.

The tax year starts on 6th April every year and its estimated there are millions of tax payers over-paying tax every single year. So why not let us check it for you and claim the refund that’s rightfully yours?