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Uniform Tax Allowance

Does your Employer ask you to wear specific clothing to do your job?

A uniform doesn’t always look like a uniform, so don’t miss out on a bit of extra cash from HMRC.

Most people think someone who wears a uniform is a police officer or a nurse. But believe it or not there are loads of employees who wear a uniform for work.

Most supermarket workers wear a uniform as they’re required to wear a branded uniform but it doesn’t stop there.

The HMRC rules for uniform claims are very broad. In fact, some items that make up a uniform claim aren’t actually clothes. Think of a builder who has to wear high viz clothing and protective boots.

As long as you have to wear something you wouldn’t usually wear in your everyday life and you have to wash and maintain it, or even replace it, then you’re highly likely to be approved.

The refund amount depends on the industry you work in and the type of job you do. The lowest unifom claim is £60 a year, but the tax allowance can go as high as £1170 in some circumstances.

The tax allowance will be applied to your tax account and can be backdated by up to 4 tax years so its definitely worth claiming. Plus HMRC will automatically apply the allowance to your tax account every year so you’ll receive the benefit for years to come, as long as your job stays the same.

Whether you work part time or full time, as long as you pay tax over the course of the tax year, you’re eligible to claim. Also remember, if you’re a couple and you both wear a uniform, even if they’re different jobs, you can both submit claims as tax is based on individual circumstances so you could both receive a payment.