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Marriage Tax Allowance

Are you married or in a UK civil partnership?

Lots of couples who are married or have had a UK civil partnership (not just living together), can apply for this allowance.

In fact, its estimated there could be over 4 millions couples that are eligible for this rebate, and most of them don’t even know about it.

The rules are very simple. One of you needs to be a non taxpayer and the other needs to be a standard rate tax payer, plus you both needs to have been born after 6th April 1935.

Remember, all taxable income needs to be included in these calculations, so speak to us to see if you qualify. You’d be amazed at how many couples do and don’t even realise!

The allowance allows the non taxpayer to transfer a part of their un-used tax allowance to the tax payer each year. This will then reduce the amount of tax the tax payer has to pay over the year.

The allowance can also be backdated by 4 tax years which could result in a refund of up to £1240. The good news is that HMRC will automatically apply the allowance to your tax account every year so you’ll receive the benefit for years to come, as long as you still meet the criteria. So, once you’ve had your claim approved, you could receive the benefit for years to come. This could be worth thousands of pounds over your lifetime!