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There are lots of different tax allowances available from HMRC.

But you wont automatically receive the tax allowances, you need to apply for them.

Each allowance has its own individual criteria and you need to make sure you meet this to qualify for it.

Lots of the allowances are linked to your job, but it’s rare that your employer will apply for these on your behalf, they usually leave it up to you.

But if you don’t know they exist, how would you know you could qualify?!

We’re experts in making sure you can claim the allowances you’re entitled to.

Here’s the main allowances we deal with for hundreds of clients every day…

Marriage Tax Allowance Icon

Marriage Tax Allowance

If you’re married or in a UK registered Civil Partnership, you could be eligible to claim a tax allowance for each year you qualify. This allowance allows the lower earner to transfer a portion of their unused tax allowance to the higher earner. This means the higher earner pays less tax for each future year they qualify for.

It can also mean you could receive a backdated refund if you’ve been eligible for the last 4 tax years. This refund could be up to £1240!!

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Uniform Tax Allowance Icon

Uniform Tax Allowance

If you’re required to wear a uniform for your job, you could be eligible to claim a tax allowance for each year you qualify. Lots of people wear a uniform, but many don’t realise they can claim.

A uniform isn’t just restricted to a policeman, fifefighter or nurse. You might wear a tshirt with a logo on it, in most cases, this is classed as a uniform. The list goes on and on, so its best to check if you qualify.

It can also mean you could receive a backdated refund if you’ve been eligible for the last 4 tax years. This refund could be up to hundreds of £’s!!

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Subscriptions Tax Allowance Icon

Subscriptions Tax Allowance

If you’re a member of a union or pay subscriptions or membership fees that are related to the job you do, you could be eligible to claim a tax allowance on the fees you pay each year.

These fees could add up to hundreds of pounds each year and, in most cases, they are tax deductable.

This means you could be due a backdated refund covering up to the last 4 tax years. This could run into hundreds of £’s!!

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Business Miles Icon

Mileage Tax Allowance

Lots of people use their own personal vehicle for business mileage. For example, you might need to drive to meetings and appointments. This mileage is classed as business mileage and it’s tax deductable.

Lots of employers pay an amount per mile to their staff, but we’ve found, in most cases, theyre not receiving the full benefit. In fact we’ve found customers who are due refunds of thousands of £’s as they haven’t been properly re-imbursed.

This allowance could be backdated by the last 4 tax years and could mean you receive a tax refund for every year moving forward!

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Work From Home Icon

Work From Home Tax Allowance

During COVID, lots of employees were asked to work from home. But since then working habits have changed.

Lots of Companies now allow their staff to work from home as they find it just as productive as being in the office. There is an annual tax allowance available for this, but you must apply for it to receive the benefit.

We’ve found customers who have never applied for the allowance. As a result of our claim, they’ve received hundreds of £’s as a refund and then every year we re-process a new claim for them so theyre always receiving the correct allowance!

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PAYE Tax Check Icon

PAYE Tax Check

When you change employer, your old company should provide you with a P45 to give to your new employer. This gives them your pay and tax details so your HMRC account can be kept updated.

We’ve found lots of customers who haven’t received a P45 so their new employer wont know their previous pay and tax details, so they could be paying too much tax. This is just one example and we’ve found lots of customers are due a PAYE tax refund.

This can be backdated by up to 4 tax years and could be worth hundreds and sometimes thousands of £’s so it’s well worth asking us to check it for you!

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